Customs brokerage

Customs brokerage is our core business. We mediate in all types of customs procedures for import, export or transit of goods, for all legal and natural persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the customs procedure, it is necessary to comply with the prescribed customs procedure, as well as to organize the entire process in a quality manner, which entails the lowest possible costs. A good knowledge of the legal regulations and the experience of your forwarder in customs mediation ensures the improvement of your business. In doing business with our company, our clients have realized that good preparation is the most important, and they contact us every day before they order the goods or intend to ship them. With this way of working, we eliminate the possibility of additional complications that can lead to unwanted costs, a bad image of your company and customs violations. Therefore, contact us and we will give you advice on how to avoid it all.
Our customs brokerage services include:
  • Preparation of customs declarations
  • Consulting services related to import, export, transit or storage of goods,
  • Determining the tariff number of goods
  • Calculation of customs duties
  • Obtaining a sanitary certificate
  • The outcome of the phyto-pathological conviction
  • Obtaining approval for a specific customs procedure
  • Issuance of certificate EUR.1
  • Obtaining approval for the application of customs privileges
  • Obtaining an EORI number
  • Obtaining a VAT number
  • Issuance of binding opinions
  • Assistance in obtaining other documents that you, as an importer/exporter, are required to submit on your own behalf