Road transport

BAF International enables you to transport local and international goods and transport cargo by truck all over the world in just a few clicks. Through BAF International, you get access to an international network of reliable logistics partners with the ability to instantly book pallet shipping, partial truckload shipping (LTL), group shipping (PTL), full truckload shipping (FTL), container shipping or full van transportation.

Why choose our truck freight service?

Instantly available prices for different types of freight shipments

Customized and specialized solutions for the international transport of goods

The possibility of storing cargo and goods before delivery to the final address

Important details when booking international transport of goods

  • Measure the exact dimensions of the palletized shipment (length, width and height in centimeters) and weight (load + pallet, in kilograms).
  • Secure the shipment according to our packing instructions, and ensure that it is on the ground floor on the scheduled collection date. If you are using a pallet to ship cargo.
  • During the reservation, let us know if you need assistance during cargo collection or delivery, or additional forklift or loading ramp options.
  • A truck or van driver will contact you before collecting that delivery. Be available by phone on selected dates to avoid delays or missed deliveries.
  • Keep in mind that fees for the use of tunnels and ferries are not included in the final price.
  • Service price may vary, depending on the season and available capacities.