Maritime transport

Maritime transport of cargo, that is, ocean transport, is an economical and ideal solution for sending a large amount of freight shipments whose delivery is not time-limited. Sea transport is usually reserved for shipping cargo shipments and shipping full or partially chartered containers. Are you looking for a solution for shipping pallets, partially leased containers (FCL) or fully leased containers (LCL)? Find the optimal solution for sending your goods, by sea or other means of transport.

Advantages and disadvantages of international maritime transport of goods

Advantages of sea transport

  • The possibility of sending shipments of various contents on a large number of available routes
  • Offers for sea transport are more favorable for sending larger shipments over a longer distance
  • The most environmentally efficient solution compared to road and air transport
  • Maritime transport is the safest way to send shipments
  • Safe transport of dangerous and prohibited content for sending
  • Lower infrastructure costs compared to rail and road transport

Disadvantages of maritime transport

  • Maritime transport is a slower transport suitable for time-limited deliveries
  • It is not a convenient solution for sending shipments over a short distance
  • Transportation sensitive to weather factors such as heavy rains and drought when the water level is too low
  • Delivery to the end customer should be coordinated with the port
  • Shipment status tracking is not always available
  • Risk of piracy