Air transportation

Air transport is the most widespread way of transporting goods in the world. Depending on the amount of goods and destination, we are able to organize air transport for goods regardless of type, weight and destination. Taking into account your needs and the terms of delivery of goods, in addition to the standard air transport service according to the "airport to airport" system, we are able to organize air transport according to the "door to door" system or some other option in accordance with your needs and requirements. Combinations of air transport with other modes of transport are also possible (eg with sea or road transport). Additional services can be included in any combination, such as: customs clearance, additional packaging, insurance of goods in transport, etc.

Dangerous goods , for short DG , are substances that pose a risk to health, safety, property or the environment during transport. Certain hazardous materials that pose a risk even when not being transported are known as hazardous materials (commonly abbreviated as HAZMAT or hazmat). An example of hazardous goods is hazardous waste, which is waste that poses a significant or potential threat to public health or the environment.